maryjanes can either be with straps or without straps
sizes available are from 34 - 40
i have stopped designing other types of shoes for convenience sake
however, you may request for a certain type of shoe (e.g. converse model, plain heels, etc) and you will be charged accordingly

shoe size
convert your known shoe size or measurement
the shoes that i provide are all in CHINA sizes

terms and conditions
no refunds (no cancellation of orders once they have been confirmed)
no exchanges
so please make sure that you are really sure about the designs and sizes that you want

will the designs fade?
no, they will not as a medium has been applied to preserve the design
however, shoes are not recommended to be washed
wipe off stains with wet cloth
soak in detergent water to clean
scrub with care
do note that white-based shoes will turn yellowish once the bleach has been washed off

do you do remakes?
the availability count is there for a reason
only 5 pairs or less of each design are available
strictly no remakes of the exact same design
however you may order a customisation by making (dramatic) changes to the original designs

do the shoes come in boxes?
shoeboxes are available for the standard maryjanes

can i trust you?
why of course!
completed orders

how can i receive updates?
add me on msn to receive the latest updates
i will come online only when there are new products
various names of the new products will be posted on my pm


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