Eternal Hiatus
so we're finally closing down... -*inseparable will still be up until all instocks are sold, so please help us clear stocks real soon!!
as promised, here are the only available shoes for sale:

size 36

size 37

size 38

purple: 36, 38


with <3,

hey you blogshop owners out there! you're gonna love this!!!

1. selling myzaak account
still have loads of tags left in my account and i won't be needing it once i've closed down... so, anybody interested to take over my myzaak account? it'll be only $3 per 200 tags left, so we'll have to see at the point of purchase how many tags are actually left for sale.
do email me if interested!

2. tagsite
this site offers really simple tagging services! join now now now!!!

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