Diverso S$15
she always loved music,
and he loved music too.
they both shared this interest,
but he wanted to have more in common than that.
he wanted to impress her.
he wrote a love letter,
full of the verses from songs
that he felt could express his feelings.
he wrote this special love letter,
on a pair of shoes,
presenting to her as a gift..
the 1st pair of lyric-ally-designed shoes! (i think)
you can choose any song of your choice
or even choose to really imprint a letter onto the shoes =]
please state in your order:
1. name of the song
2. name of artiste
3. lyrics (if the lyrics are hard to find or if you'd made amendments to the lyrics)
4. your letter (approx 350 words. too many or too little may produce weird-looking result =/)
song, of which lyrics are from, used here is 'Hate That I Love You' by Rihanna feat Ne-Yo (state on the shoe)
right shoe: lyrics of Rihanna's part
left shoe: lyrics of Ne-Yo's part


availability: 1/5

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